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Pregnancy App Reviews - Pregnancy+, Sprout, Ovia and more!

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Cervix Info - http://www.babycenter.com/404_how-do-i-check-my-cervix-for-signs-of-ovulation_1336330.bc OvWatch - Apparently OV- Watch is a watch that ...

My Days Period & Ovulation iPhone & iPad review

A review of My Days - Period & Ovulation ™ for iPhone and iPad. NIAPS.co.uk is a site dedicated to promoting apps which do not have any in-app purchases.

Maybe Baby 2015 - Fertility / Ovulation Diary, Period Tracker, Menstrual Calen iPhone & iPad review

A review of Maybe Baby 2015 - Fertility / Ovulation Diary, Period Tracker, Menstrual Calendar, Pregnancy & Gender Prediction for iPhone and iPad. NIAPS.co.uk ...

Top Fertility Apps for Android

1.MyDays X - Period & Ovulation 2.OvuView Ovulation & Fertility 3.Period Calendar Tracker 4.WomanLog Calendar 5.My Days - Period & Ovulation ™ 6.

Video Segment: My Days- Period & Ovulation Tracker App

Hey guys!(: thought I'd do this segment on new apps to try out. I know this app isn't for everyone obviously but it could come in handy! Xoxo -Alex (:

Ovia App Review

Hi there! In this video I am going to talk about my experience with the Ovia Ovulation App. Feel free to leave a comment below if you are planning on trying it, ...

Favorite App for Tracking Your Period and Fertility

Loving Ovia! What apps have you guys tried?

Choosing A Fertility App | How To Chart Your Menstrual Cycle Part 1

WATCH ME IN THE HIGHEST QUALITY! Period Tracker: ANDROID - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.period.tracker.lite&hl=en IPHONE ...

Ovia- period tracker app- what I use for TTC

Please excuse the cracks on the screen protector- its doing a great job :) I am not sponsored- all opinions are my own- I just wanted to share something that has ...

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